Testimonial 1

¨I have had seven coaching sessions with Nieves covering various personal goals from my diet, helping plan things in my life and elements of how to qualify etc.

I really enjoy the rapport I have with you Nieves. From the first day we spoke you made me feel very comfortable and gave me confidence in myself. You listen well to understand me and reflect back allowing me to process my thoughts more clearly.

You also have the ability to ask good questions and make me aware of my personal strengths, relating them to my goals and then reminding me how I can break down my goals to a manageable size just like I do every day in my working life.

I have enjoyed every session we have had, you understand me well which I appreciate. You are a true professional ensuring good timing is maintained and keep me accountable for my actions – thank you as I truly feel stronger in myself for that.

Nieves, thank you for your great coaching, your understanding, your encouragement and inspiration which I truly appreciate

Sandra Rowell


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